Rich Chocolate Cakes

Rich, moist cakes with a smooth, velvety texture.

Chocolate Rum Cake

Moist chocolate cake soaked with rum syrup flavor. Filled with rich chocolate fudge frosting with a sprinkling of walnuts. Topped with rich chocolate fudge frosting and surrounded by chocolate bittersweet shavings.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

The finest semi-sweet chocolate is blended with the freshest ingredients to make this delicate truffle. This delightful flourless dessert is topped with chocolate ganache to create a flour-free winner!

Oreo n' Cream Cake

Our moist chocolate cake is topped and filled with our rich vanilla buttercream and crunchy bits of oreo cookies mixed in; finished off with an Oreo crumb layer around the side and topped with an Oreo cookie.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

The only way to describe this moist chocolate cake with raspberry filling and fudge on top besides yum is simple elegance.

Rocky Road Cake

This cake brings out the child in all of us. We combine three types of chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and nuts to create this masterpiece.

Black Forest Cake

Two layers of moist light chocolate cake and one layer of custard, filled with loads of thick rich whipped cream and topped with more whipped cream, maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings.

German Chocolate Cake

We complete this perfect ensemble of three light chocolate layers separated by a buttery blend of coconut and pecans, with a thick fudge and more rich pecan coconut filling.

Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cake

We fill this popular chocolate layer cake with fudge and chocolate chips. Then we surround it with our thick fudge frosting and finish it off with chocolate chips and sprinkles.

Chocolate Outrage Cake

Three layers of moist chocolate cake are filled with creamy chocolate fudge. The final touch comes with our chocolate icing, surrounded with sweet chocolate chips!

NY Blackout Cake

Our moist chocolate cake is infused with creamy old-fashioned dark chocolate pudding. To finish it off, we wrap this cake in chocolate pudding and fresh chocolate cake crumbs.

Nonpareil "Giggle" Cake

Our moist chocolate cake is covered and filled with pastel buttercream, then it’s surrounded by colorful nonpareil candy. Fun, festive, and delicious!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Drizzle Cake

Chocolate cake with a creamy peanut butter filling is topped with fudge and chunks of peanut butter cups with cholate and peanut butter sauce drizzle.

Hostess Squiggle Cake

Chocolate cake, filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream, dipped in chocolate ganache, topped with the hostess squiggle.

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate cake filled with strawberry and chocolate whipped cream, topped with chocolate whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle.

Carousel Delight Cake

A classic from Dad's original bakery! Chocolate cake filled with fresh bananas and strawberries, frosted and lled with whipped cream and topped with chocolate ganache. Available June-September.

Ying & Yang Drizzle Cake

Chocolate cake between two layers of vanilla cake filled with a layer of fudge and a layer of buttercream. Topped with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate drizzle.